The Dogman Rises

To say the subject of the Bigfoot is legendary, is to make a colossal understatement. The great, hairy humanoid has been with us, if only in legend, since before the advent of the written word, as witnessed in native oral traditions, as well in cave paintings, petroglyphs, and other graven images.

If the existence of this creature, and for it to remain hidden in the modern-era, did not stretch believability to breaking, it seems there is another bipedal, (at least much of the time) cryptic-critter roaming the wilds of the world. This one, presenting definite canine characteristics. The Dogman rises.

There seems to be two categories of Dogman sightings:

1) Naturalistic: in this type encounter, the creature teeters on the cusp of biological-possibility; that is other than bipedal locomotion, they behave in a manner one would expect to be seen with any other canine species.

2) Supernaturalistic: These accounts defy any sense of biological normalcy; tapping at windows, invulnerability to injury (firearms), vanishing into thin air, self-luminous eyes, human or very humanoid hands, etc.

What could account for such disparate differences? Is it possible that what appears to be separate phenomena, may in fact be different expressions of one entity?

Being a child in the dawn of the videogaming age, (and a male) perhaps it was unavoidable that I was, and to some extent am still, an avid gamer, and when the pressures of adulthood wain a bit, I still enjoy playing. Recently while playing a multiplayer, multiple character game, the call of nature had to be answered, and so I took advantage of the option of “take a break mode”. This basically means your game character becomes a NPC (non-player-character). Your character carries out the actions programmed into the game. These actions while relatively basic, are critical to the survival of your character and the survival of the other actual human-players still involved in the game; such as rendering aid, reacting to threats, etc.

Could it be, that these Dogman creatures are in fact avatars for a non-corporeal entity, that can take control of them at will, for whatever purpose, then when this “master-controller’s” will is absent, (take a break mode) the Dogman-avatars perform their basic survival programs. The programming, much like that of their computer-game brethren, need only to be relatively simple; eat (scavenge or hunt), avoid human contact, if contact is unavoidable, threaten but do not harm.

Without hard evidence, (a body, or irrefutable film) all there can be is speculation. However a strictly biological explanation, simply cannot adequately account for the breadth of unnatural-attributes displayed by these creatures. In later posts, we will take a closer look into these metaphysical traits, and attempt to plumb their depths.

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Having a lifelong interest in all things paranormal, especially in the beliefs and experiences of the Appalachian region, it is my desire to share my own and those related to me by friends and family over a lifetime. As well as collect and record those of others.