Dogman on the Ladder

With the rise of the Dogman toward the top of the cryptid hierarchy, there has naturally been many theories put forth as to what exactly they are, and their origins.

Are they the product the product of a sinister governmental biological weapons program (always a top contender in the paranormal realms), a ravenous beast of unholy origin that has periodically plagued mankind, a material manifestation of our collective subconscious fears and/or desires, or perhaps an occult evolutionary advanced offshoot of mankind’s historical bane, canis-lupus.


All that currently can be said of the phenomenon with any certainty, is nothing is for certain. With this consideration in mind, the one that explanation that does not require invocation of shadowed entities, be they ethereal or regimental, is the “higher-wolf” hypothesis. After all, this concept is strictly biological, and would align with historical accounts, whereas an intentional mutation/hybridization program would not be possible due to the technological requirements.


While it is tempting to declare the Dogman a representation of an avant-garde subspecies of the canis genus, this explanation is rife with problems. The idea of a more evolved, of “higher-wolf” is predicated on the Evolutionary Ladder fallacy.

Evolution does not follow a goal oriented template, and the perception that an organism is “more advanced” is highly subjective and an anthropomorphic concept.


If we take into account only the least remarkable attributes of the Dogman, that being its functional bi-pedalism, the physiological changes to the canine skeletal system would require a quantum-leap in morphological alterations. Not the least of which would necessarily be hip size and shape, and vertebral column structure.


In short, with the highly diverse physical, not to mention behavioral differences reported in upright canine encounters, the likelihood of Dogman being a product of natural selection are astronomically small.

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