Blog Update 11/25/19

Delving into the current “state” of paranormal thought, it became painfully obvious I was ill prepared for the online world; one could say an information tsunami was encountered, and was brought to a crest by my (fairly) recent appearance on “Strange Familiars” podcasts.

Awash in the available of relatively instant idea exchange, the task of recording and reporting were pushed to the background. 

I want to apologize for the lack of attention to the blog. When first began, it was more or less a place to share some personal encounters and family stories, with a focus on the Appalachian point of view. Something to pass the time, a hobby; but one with the benefit of preservation for those that follow. 

While the focus of this blog will continue it’s focus on the Appalachian-region, the connective tissue of the paranormal-world must be explored with a wider lens. 

Let’s see what we can find. 

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Having a lifelong interest in all things paranormal, especially in the beliefs and experiences of the Appalachian region, it is my desire to share my own and those related to me by friends and family over a lifetime. As well as collect and record those of others.