The Wolf Moon

The first full moon of the year, and indeed, decade (The Wolf Moon), and it lived up to all expectations (as far as I’m concerned).

Many people have the superstition of a full moon causing, well, lunacy. The superstition is rampant among healthcare workers as well as first-responders of all stripes, but is there any validity in this belief?

All I have is anecdotal, and for me, that is all I need, but I do believe there is an increase in all manner of mayhem during the time of full moons, but why? Can it be as simple as, humans do not need artificial light to go about their business, and this truth has been cemented into human biorhythms over the hundreds of thousands of the human experience?

In the end, the cause may not really matter, but the effect must be addressed, month after month…

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Having a lifelong interest in all things paranormal, especially in the beliefs and experiences of the Appalachian region, it is my desire to share my own and those related to me by friends and family over a lifetime. As well as collect and record those of others.