Meeting on a Dark Road

This happened to my father when he was a young man of 18. He was walking home one night, a particularly cold and dark-night when he had one, if not the most terrifying experiences of his life.

The wind was blowing hard and cold, he didn’t have a hat so he had the collar of his coat turned up and was walking slightly bent forward into the wind. There was no moon that night, and it was very dark, so he was more or less making his way by feeling the graveled road under foot. You must understand at that time he was still living with my grandparents and their small farm/ranch was way back in the hills, miles from any paved road or neighborhoods.

He was making his way, his hands in his pockets and leaning forward into the wind when all at once he walked headlong into “something”. In a reflex action he through his hands into an outstretched position and in so doing he grabbed two-hands full of hair. He was a good sized man at 6’2″ and with arms outstretched he said it was like walking into, and grabbing a “wall of hair”. He later recalled the hair was quite long, several inches, long and thick enough to get a good hold.

He took off down the frozen creek that ran alongside the graveled road, and said whatever it was, took off up the hill on the opposite side or the road. He was understandably terrified at the time, but in his telling, after the passing years, he found some humor in how he navigated the frozen creek, “busting his ass” ever few steps, but making a hasty retreat nonetheless.

With the morning light, he returned to the sight of the encounter, this time well prepared for whatever he may encounter; armed with a rifle.

The trail the creature made, while tearing its way up the hill could clearly be seen, but after the terrain leveled-out a bit, and with the ground being frozen, after a short way the trail was lost.

My father was an avid “outdoorsman”, not as much for recreation as for necessity. He knew what was in the woods, or thought he did, but he could never think of what this thing could have been without invoking Bigfoot. Over the many tellings of this story, over many years his story never wavered.